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Add documentation about optional options object when instantiating a service client.
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@@ -19,7 +19,9 @@ Richard Rodger maintains a user-friendly [SimpleDB library](
aws-lib is designed to be easily extensible. If you want to add your own API client, have a look at ec2.js or simpledb.js and simply follow their example.
-Some simple usage examples:
+### Usage
+The following snippet implements an ec2 client and makes a call to DescribeInstances
var aws = require("aws-lib");
@@ -29,7 +31,8 @@ Some simple usage examples:
-Returns you a JSON response which looks something like this:
+Which returns a JSON response similar to:
@@ -38,11 +41,18 @@ Returns you a JSON response which looks something like this:
"reason":"User initiated (2010-07-28 19:37:54 GMT)"
-or when using the Product Advertising API:
+Another example, using Product Advertising API:
prodAdv = aws.createProdAdvClient(yourAccessKeyId, yourSecretAccessKey, yourAssociateTag);"ItemSearch", {SearchIndex: "Books", Keywords: "Javascript"}, function(result) {
-Will return you a long list of Books...
+Will return a long list of books.
+Most clients, such as ec2, ses, simpledb, etc. accept an optional third parameter `options` which should be an object of options used to instantiate the client. For example, the ec2 client could be instantiated with an options object like:
+ ec2 = aws.createEC2Client(yourAccessKeyId, yourSecretAccessKey, {version: '2010-08-31'});
+which would instantiate the ec2 client, but using the 2010-08-31 API version. See the library code for each service to learn about other possible options.

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