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module Reionization
use Precision
use AMLutils
implicit none
!This module puts smooth tanh reionization of specified mid-point (z_{re}) and width
!The tanh function is in the variable (1+z)**Rionization_zexp
!Rionization_zexp=1.5 has the property that for the same z_{re}
!the optical depth agrees with infinitely sharp model for matter domination
!So tau and zre can be mapped into each other easily (for any symmetric window)
!However for generality the module maps tau into z_{re} using a binary search
!so could be easily modified for other monatonic parameterizations.
!AL March 2008
!AL July 2008 - added trap for setting optical depth without use_optical_depth
!See CAMB notes for further discussion:
character(LEN=*), parameter :: Reionization_Name = 'CAMB_reionization'
real(dl), parameter :: Reionization_DefFraction = -1._dl
!if -1 set from YHe assuming Hydrogen and first ionization of Helium follow each other
real(dl) :: Reionization_AccuracyBoost = 1._dl
real(dl) :: Rionization_zexp = 1.5_dl
logical :: include_helium_fullreion = .true.
type ReionizationParams
logical :: Reionization
logical :: use_optical_depth
real(dl) :: redshift, delta_redshift, fraction
real(dl) :: optical_depth
!Parameters for the second reionization of Helium
real(dl) :: helium_redshift = 3.5_dl
real(dl) :: helium_delta_redshift = 0.5
real(dl) :: helium_redshiftstart = 5._dl
end type ReionizationParams
type ReionizationHistory
!These two are used by main code to bound region where xe changing
real(dl) :: tau_start, tau_complete
!This is set from main code
real(dl) :: akthom, fHe
!The rest are internal to this module.
real(dl) :: WindowVarMid, WindowVarDelta
end type ReionizationHistory
real(dl), parameter :: Reionization_maxz = 50._dl
real(dl), private, parameter :: Reionization_tol = 1d-5
real(dl), private, external :: dtauda, rombint,rombint2
Type(ReionizationParams), private, pointer :: ThisReion
Type(ReionizationHistory), private, pointer :: ThisReionHist
function Reionization_xe(a, tau, xe_recomb)
!a and time tau and redundant, both provided for convenience
!xe_recomb is xe(tau_start) from recombination (typically very small, ~2e-4)
!xe should map smoothly onto xe_recomb
real(dl), intent(in) :: a
real(dl), intent(in), optional :: tau, xe_recomb
real(dl) Reionization_xe
real(dl) tgh, xod
real(dl) xstart
if (present(xe_recomb)) then
xstart = xe_recomb
xstart = 0._dl
end if
xod = (ThisReionHist%WindowVarMid - 1._dl/a**Rionization_zexp)/ThisReionHist%WindowVarDelta
if (xod > 100) then
end if
Reionization_xe =(ThisReion%fraction-xstart)*(tgh+1._dl)/2._dl+xstart
if (include_helium_fullreion .and. a > (1/(1+ ThisReion%helium_redshiftstart))) then
!Effect of Helium becoming fully ionized is small so details not important
xod = (1+ThisReion%helium_redshift - 1._dl/a)/ThisReion%helium_delta_redshift
if (xod > 100) then
end if
Reionization_xe = Reionization_xe + ThisReionHist%fHe*(tgh+1._dl)/2._dl
end if
end function Reionization_xe
function Reionization_timesteps(ReionHist)
!minimum number of time steps to use between tau_start and tau_complete
!Scaled by AccuracyBoost later
!steps may be set smaller than this anyway
Type(ReionizationHistory) :: ReionHist
integer Reionization_timesteps
Reionization_timesteps = 50
end function Reionization_timesteps
subroutine Reionization_ReadParams(Reion, Ini)
use IniFile
Type(ReionizationParams) :: Reion
Type(TIniFile) :: Ini
Reion%Reionization = Ini_Read_Logical_File(Ini,'reionization')
if (Reion%Reionization) then
Reion%use_optical_depth = Ini_Read_Logical_File(Ini,'re_use_optical_depth')
if (Reion%use_optical_depth) then
Reion%optical_depth = Ini_Read_Double_File(Ini,'re_optical_depth')
Reion%redshift = Ini_Read_Double_File(Ini,'re_redshift')
end if
Reion%delta_redshift = Ini_Read_Double_File(Ini,'re_delta_redshift', 0.5_dl) !default similar to CMBFAST original
Reion%fraction = Ini_Read_Double_File(Ini,'re_ionization_frac',Reionization_DefFraction)
Reion%helium_redshift = Ini_Read_Double_File(Ini,'re_helium_redshift', 3.5_dl)
Reion%helium_delta_redshift = Ini_Read_Double_File(Ini,'re_helium_delta_redshift', 0.5_dl)
Reion%helium_redshiftstart = Ini_Read_Double_File(Ini,'re_helium_redshiftstart', &
Reion%helium_redshift + 3*Reion%helium_delta_redshift)
end if
end subroutine Reionization_ReadParams
subroutine Reionization_SetParamsForZre(Reion,ReionHist)
Type(ReionizationParams), target :: Reion
Type(ReionizationHistory), target :: ReionHist
ReionHist%WindowVarMid = (1._dl+Reion%redshift)**Rionization_zexp
ReionHist%WindowVarDelta = &
end subroutine Reionization_SetParamsForZre
subroutine Reionization_Init(Reion, ReionHist, Yhe, akthom, tau0, FeedbackLevel)
use constants
use errors
Type(ReionizationParams), target :: Reion
Type(ReionizationHistory), target :: ReionHist
real(dl), intent(in) :: akthom, tau0, Yhe
integer, intent(in) :: FeedbackLevel
real(dl) astart
ReionHist%akthom = akthom
ReionHist%fHe = YHe/(mass_ratio_He_H*(1.d0-YHe))
ThisReion => Reion
ThisReionHist => ReionHist
if (Reion%Reionization) then
if (Reion%optical_depth /= 0._dl .and. .not. Reion%use_optical_depth) &
write (*,*) 'WARNING: You seem to have set the optical depth, but use_optical_depth = F'
if (Reion%use_optical_depth.and.Reion%optical_depth<0.001 &
.or. .not.Reion%use_optical_depth .and. Reion%Redshift<0.001) then
Reion%Reionization = .false.
end if
end if
if (Reion%Reionization) then
if (Reion%fraction==Reionization_DefFraction) &
Reion%fraction = 1._dl + ReionHist%fHe !H + singly ionized He
if (Reion%use_optical_depth) then
call Reionization_SetFromOptDepth(Reion,ReionHist)
if (global_error_flag/=0) return
if (FeedbackLevel > 0) write(*,'("Reion redshift = ",f6.3)') Reion%redshift
end if
call Reionization_SetParamsForZre(ThisReion,ThisReionHist)
!this is a check, agrees very well in default parameterization
if (FeedbackLevel > 1) write(*,'("Integrated opt depth = ",f7.4)') &
Reionization_GetOptDepth(Reion, ReionHist)
!Get relevant times
astart=1.d0/(1.d0+Reion%redshift + Reion%delta_redshift*8)
ReionHist%tau_start = max(0.05_dl, rombint(dtauda,0._dl,astart,1d-3))
!Time when a very small reionization fraction (assuming tanh fitting)
ReionHist%tau_complete = min(tau0, &
ReionHist%tau_start+ rombint(dtauda,astart,1.d0/(1.d0+max(0.d0,Reion%redshift-Reion%delta_redshift*8)),1d-3))
end if
end subroutine Reionization_Init
subroutine Reionization_SetDefParams(Reion)
Type(ReionizationParams) :: Reion
Reion%Reionization = .true.
Reion%use_optical_depth = .false.
Reion%optical_depth = 0._dl
Reion%redshift = 10
Reion%fraction = Reionization_DefFraction
Reion%delta_redshift = 0.5_dl
Reion%helium_redshift = 3.5_dl
Reion%helium_delta_redshift = 0.5
Reion%helium_redshiftstart = 5._dl
end subroutine Reionization_SetDefParams
subroutine Reionization_Validate(Reion, OK)
Type(ReionizationParams),intent(in) :: Reion
logical, intent(inout) :: OK
if (Reion%Reionization) then
if (Reion%use_optical_depth) then
if (Reion%optical_depth<0 .or. Reion%optical_depth > 0.9 .or. &
include_helium_fullreion .and. Reion%optical_depth<0.01) then
OK = .false.
write(*,*) 'Optical depth is strange. You have:', Reion%optical_depth
end if
if (Reion%redshift < 0 .or. Reion%Redshift +Reion%delta_redshift*3 > Reionization_maxz .or. &
include_helium_fullreion .and. Reion%redshift < Reion%helium_redshift) then
OK = .false.
write(*,*) 'Reionization redshift strange. You have: ',Reion%Redshift
end if
end if
if (Reion%fraction/= Reionization_DefFraction .and. (Reion%fraction < 0 .or. Reion%fraction > 1.5)) then
OK = .false.
write(*,*) 'Reionization fraction strange. You have: ',Reion%fraction
end if
if (Reion%delta_redshift > 3 .or. Reion%delta_redshift<0.1 ) then
!Very narrow windows likely to cause problems in interpolation etc.
!Very broad likely to conflict with quasar data at z=6
OK = .false.
write(*,*) 'Reionization delta_redshift is strange. You have: ',Reion%delta_redshift
end if
end if
end subroutine Reionization_Validate
function Reionization_doptdepth_dz(z)
real(dl) :: Reionization_doptdepth_dz
real(dl), intent(in) :: z
real(dl) a
a = 1._dl/(1._dl+z)
Reionization_doptdepth_dz = Reionization_xe(a)*ThisReionHist%akthom*dtauda(a)
end function Reionization_doptdepth_dz
function Reionization_GetOptDepth(Reion, ReionHist)
Type(ReionizationParams), target :: Reion
Type(ReionizationHistory), target :: ReionHist
real(dl) Reionization_GetOptDepth
ThisReion => Reion
ThisReionHist => ReionHist
Reionization_GetOptDepth = rombint2(Reionization_doptdepth_dz,0.d0,Reionization_maxz,&
Reionization_tol, 20, nint(Reionization_maxz/Reion%delta_redshift*5))
end function Reionization_GetOptDepth
subroutine Reionization_zreFromOptDepth(Reion, ReionHist)
!General routine to find zre parameter given optical depth
use Errors
Type(ReionizationParams) :: Reion
Type(ReionizationHistory) :: ReionHist
real(dl) try_b, try_t
real(dl) tau
integer i
try_b = 0
try_t = Reionization_maxz
Reion%redshift = (try_t + try_b)/2
call Reionization_SetParamsForZre(Reion,ReionHist)
tau = Reionization_GetOptDepth(Reion, ReionHist)
if (tau > Reion%optical_depth) then
try_t = Reion%redshift
try_b = Reion%redshift
end if
if (abs(try_b - try_t) < 2e-3/Reionization_AccuracyBoost) exit
if (i>100) call GlobalError('Reionization_zreFromOptDepth: failed to converge',error_reionization)
end do
if (abs(tau - Reion%optical_depth) > 0.002 .and. global_error_flag==0) then
write (*,*) 'Reionization_zreFromOptDepth: Did not converge to optical depth'
write (*,*) 'tau =',tau, 'optical_depth = ', Reion%optical_depth
write (*,*) try_t, try_b
write (*,*) '(If running a chain, have you put a constraint on tau?)'
call GlobalError('Reionization did not converge to optical depth',error_reionization)
end if
end subroutine Reionization_zreFromOptDepth
subroutine Reionization_SetFromOptDepth(Reion, ReionHist)
Type(ReionizationParams) :: Reion
Type(ReionizationHistory) :: ReionHist
! This subroutine calculates the redshift of reionization
! This implementation is approximate but quite accurate and fast
real(dl) dz, optd
real(dl) z, tmp, tmpHe
integer na
Reion%redshift = 0
if (Reion%Reionization .and. Reion%optical_depth /= 0) then
!Do binary search to find zre from z
!This is general method
call Reionization_zreFromOptDepth(Reion, ReionHist)
if (.false.) then
!Use equivalence with sharp for special case
tmp = dz*Reion%fraction*ThisReionHist%akthom
tmpHe = dz*(Reion%fraction+ReionHist%fHe)*ThisReionHist%akthom
do while (optd < Reion%optical_depth)
if (include_helium_fullreion .and. z < Reion%helium_redshift) then
optd=optd+ tmpHe*dtauda(1._dl/(1._dl+z))
end if
end do
end if
Reion%Reionization = .false.
end if
end subroutine Reionization_SetFromOptDepth
end module Reionization