Fortran 2008 utility functions and reusable classes
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ForUtils:Various fortran 2003/2008 utility classes.
Version: 0.1
Author: Antony Lewis
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ForUtils is a package of Fortran classes and convenience functions for Fortran 2003/2008 programs. The utilities comprise these areas:

  • ArrayUtils - Find (minimal/maximal) index of an element in an array.
  • FileUtils - Classes for handling file access, python-like loadtxt/savetxt functions
  • IniObjects - Read/Write name=value configuration files with inheritance, array and default value support.
  • MatrixUtils - Read/Write matrices and interface to some BLAS/LAPACK routines.
  • MiscUtils - Utility functions for optional arguments.
  • MpiUtils - Wrappers for MPI-routines to compile with(out) MPI library.
  • ObjectLists - Lists of arbitrary objects including specializations for vectors.
  • RandUtils - Some functions to generate random numbers.
  • RangeUtils - Maintain sets of equally spaced intervals, e.g. for integration ranges.
  • StringUtils - Utilities for strings, like concat of distinct types a.s.o.

For a class summary see the class trees.

Getting Started

Clone this git repository:

$ git clone


$ make all

This generates the subdirectories Debug and Release and when an MPI library is available also DebugMPI and ReleaseMPI. Each directory contains a libforutils.a archive, which can be used directly for static linking on the compiler command line by giving the absolute filename:


or by specifying it as a library:

-Lforutils/<RTYPE> -lforutils

Specify one of Debug, DebugMPI, Release, or ReleaseMPI for <RTYPE>. The Debug release types contain debug symbols and use no optimization, while the Release types use a reasonable level of optimization.


  • Fortran 2008 compatible compiler - E.g., ifort 14+, gfortran 6 or higher.
  • MPI library - Only when you want the MpiUtils fully functional. Without an MPI library MpiUtils compile, but the functions are merely no-ops and the makefile target DebugMPI and ReleaseMPI can not be built.