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.. currentmodule:: getdist.plots

This module is used for making plots from samples. The :class:`~getSinglePlotter` and :class:`~getSubplotPlotter` functions are used to make a plotter instance, which is then used to make and export plots.

Many plotter functions take a roots argument, which is either a root name for some chain files, or an in-memory :class:`~.mcsamples.MCSamples` instance. You can also make comparison plots by giving a list of either of these.

Parameter are referenced simply by name (as specified in the .paramnames file when loading from file, or set in the :class:`~.mcsamples.MCSamples` instance). For functions that takes lists of parameters, these can be just lists of names. You can also use glob patterns to match specific subsets of parameters (e.g. x* to match all parameters with names starting with x).

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.. automodule:: getdist.plots
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