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Releases: cmbi/metadome

MetaDome v1.0.1

19 Apr 14:36
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Added many desired aesthetic changes, a short summary:

  • Added RefSeq identifiers and links to RefSeq pages
  • Tolerance is now quantified per position when hovering or looking at the overview
  • Users can now toggle ClinVar variants found in the protein or homologous domains
  • Added a legend for meta-domain landscape mode
  • Changed 'help' to 'FAQ'
  • Pressing the ESC key now closes overview windows
  • Added gene names to the positional overview window, along with a less cluttered display of related variants, the option to drectly go to Ensembl locations and gnomAD variant pages


  • The number of aligned homologues sometimes being 'undefined'
  • Security issues for Jinja2 and SQLAlchemy

MetaDome v1.0.0

12 Nov 10:30
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Merge pull request #34 from cmbi/analytics_and_help_page

Analytics and help page