Classic Doom/Heretic/Hexen games in stereo 3D and VR; modified version of gzdoom.
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bzip2 - Upgrade bzip2 to version 1.0.6. Dec 16, 2016
cmake Added TargetArch CMake module, axr/solar-cmake@73cfea0 Apr 23, 2017
docs - cleaned out most of the cruft from the docs directory and added a c… Apr 17, 2017
dumb Normalize line endings Mar 1, 2016
game-music-emu Ported RenderRadius and related code from gzdoom branch Dec 25, 2016
gdtoa - we are using C++11 now, so all those old VC 2005 project files are … Mar 1, 2016
jpeg-6b Normalize line endings Mar 1, 2016
lzma Normalize line endings Mar 1, 2016
soundfont - added a small default sound font that needs to be installed with th… May 13, 2017
specs Fix spelling mistake in documentation May 14, 2017
src Merge branch 'master' of into openvr Jun 27, 2017
tools - added modification tagging to updaterevision to allow tagging an ex… May 13, 2017
wadsrc Merge branch 'master' of into openvr Jun 26, 2017
wadsrc_bm - do the same for brightmaps, Doom's original ones also don't really … Jan 1, 2017
wadsrc_lights Removed dynamic light binding for deleted class StrifeZap1 Feb 22, 2017
zlib Updated zlib to version 1.2.8 Dec 28, 2016
.appveyor.yml Added VS2017 Release targets to AppVeyor configuration May 29, 2017
.gitattributes Add .gitattributes Mar 1, 2016
.gitignore Create drawergen tool Nov 28, 2016
.travis.yml Removed sudo requirements from Travis configuration Jun 18, 2017
CMakeLists.txt Bump version number Jun 27, 2017