Stereoscopic 3D Modes (vr_mode)

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GZ3Doom provides several different stereoscopic 3D modes, so you can play Doom in 3D using various 3D glasses, 3D monitors, 3D TV, and virtual reality headsets.

Stereoscopic Modes in GZ3Doom:

  1. vr_mode 0 (Mono)
  2. vr_mode 1 (Green-Magenta Anaglyph)
  3. vr_mode 2 (Red-Cyan Anaglyph)
  4. vr_mode 3 (Side-by-Side)
  5. vr_mode 4 (Side-by-Side Narrow)
  6. vr_mode 5 (Left Eye View)
  7. vr_mode 6 (Right Eye View)
  8. vr_mode 7 (Quad-buffered)
  9. vr_mode 8 (Oculus Rift)

How to set the vr_mode

There are two ways to change the stereo 3D mode in GZ3Doom. Both use the "vr_mode" command:

  1. Type "vr_mode <mode_number>" at the in-game GZ3Doom console. OR
  2. Launch gz3doom from the command line, including "+vr_mode <mode_number>" in the list of command-line arguments.

For example, type

vr_mode 8

to enter Oculus Rift mode.

For more information about GZ3Doom console commands, visit Console-Variables

List of Stereoscopic Modes in GZ3Doom

vr_mode 0


Setting vr_mode to zero (0) disables stereoscopic 3D. In this mode, gameplay is the same as regular flatty gzdoom.

normal doom head screenshot of normal mode

vr_mode 1

Green-Magenta Anaglyph

vr_mode 1 utilizes colored anaglyph glasses, with a green lens on the left, and a magenta lens on the right. This modern take on the anaglyph 3D technique has a better brightness balance between the two eyes, compared to the more traditional red/cyan color scheme (vr_mode 2).

doom head wearing green-magenta anaglyph glasses screenshot of green-magenta anaglyph mode

vr_mode 2

Red-Cyan Anaglyph

vr_mode 2 utilizes colored anaglyph glasses, with a red lens on the left, and a cyan lens on the right. Just as I have been doing since the late 1900s, if you send me a nice email, I will mail you a pair of paper glasses.

doom head wearing red-cyan anaglyph glasses screenshot of red-cyan anaglyph mode

vr_mode 3


Combine "vr_mode 3" with "vr_swap 1" to permit cross-eyed stereoscopic viewing.

vr_mode 3 is also recommend for use with Trinus Gyre.

doom head with eyes crossed google cardboard screenshot of side-by-side mode

vr_mode 4

Side-by-Side Narrow

This mode is how I play GZ3Doom on my 3D TV. Select side-by-side mode on your TV.

doom head wearing samsung 3d tv glasses screenshot of side-by-side narrow mode

Example of what your 3D TV mode menu might look like. (Choose the side-by-side one...):

TV mode menu

vr_mode 5

Left-Eye View
doom head wearing eyepatch over right eye screenshot of left-eye view mode

vr_mode 6

Right-Eye View
doom head wearing eyepatch over left eye screenshot of right-eye view mode

vr_mode 7


For vr_mode 7 to work with nvidia 3D vision glasses, you need:

  • NVIDIA 3D Vision system installed and working
  • Supported 3D monitor, set to 120 Hz refresh rate
  • GZ3Doom displayed on that monitor in true fullscreen mode (Options->Set Video Mode->Fullscreen->Yes)
  • In GZ3Doom 1.8.10e or later, "vr_enabled_quadbuffer = true" in the console, then restart GZ3Doom
  • vr_mode 7 activated

doom head wearing nvidia 3d vision glasses nvidia 3d vision kit screenshot of quad-buffered mode

vr_mode 8

Oculus Rift

Works with Oculus Rift DK1 and DK2. See How-to-run-GZ3Doom-on-Oculus-Rift-Development-Kit-2-(DK2) for more details.

doom head wearing oculus rift dk2 screenshot of oculus rift mode

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