Posting a comment without JavaScript

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Thanks to Staticman comment spam, I have had to enable reCAPTCHA on the blog.

I chose to use invisible reCAPTCHA, which is the least obtrusive to visitors when commenting, however it does require JavaScript to use. There is a <noscript> version of reCAPTCHA, but the invisible version is not supported. It seemed best to use the JavaScript version (but I have added some tracking out of interest).

Posting without JavaScript

In order to post a comment, you'll need to do the job of Staticman yourself: create a pull request.

In the folder _data/comments, you can see a number of folders where the name matches the post's page.slug. If the post folder doesn't exist, you'll need to create the correct folder name.

You can then create a YAML file with any name, as long as the content is as follows:

name: Your Name
comment: Your comment

In this, TIMESTAMP must be a Unix timestamp. A timestamp can be obtained from

Once you've created this comment file, create a pull request!

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