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This tests random and sequence HDFS I/O.


In order to build and run this test, you must put the HDFS and Hadoop-common jar files into your classpath. In the Hadoop install, these are found under share/hadoop/common/ share/hadoop/hdfs/

TODO: use Ivy.


You have to set some Java system properties when running the test.

Here is an example of how to run the test:

ANT\_OPTS="-Dhio.nthreads=5 -Dhio.hdfs.uri=hdfs://localhost:4000" ant compile jar run

It's also important to make sure is in your LD_LIBRARY_PATH; otherwise, you won't get features like short-circuit local reads which are important for performance.

Alternately, you can directly run the jar with:

java -Dhio.nthreads=5 -Dhio.hdfs.uri=hdfs://localhost:6000 com.cloudera.HioBench

Contact information

Colin Patrick McCabe

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