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Update pytest to 3.7.0 (#23)

This PR updates [pytest]( from **3.6.4** to **3.7.0**.

   ### 3.7.0

Deprecations and Removals

- `2639 &lt;;`_: ``pytest_namespace`` has been deprecated.

  See the documentation for ``pytest_namespace`` hook for suggestions on how to deal
  with this in plugins which use this functionality.

- `3661 &lt;;`_: Calling a fixture function directly, as opposed to request them in a test function, now issues a ``RemovedInPytest4Warning``. It will be changed into an error in pytest ``4.0``.

  This is a great source of confusion to new users, which will often call the fixture functions and request them from test functions interchangeably, which breaks the fixture resolution model.


- `2283 &lt;;`_: New ``package`` fixture scope: fixtures are finalized when the last test of a *package* finishes. This feature is considered **experimental**, so use it sparingly.

- `3576 &lt;;`_: ``Node.add_marker`` now supports an ``append=True/False`` parameter to determine whether the mark comes last (default) or first.

- `3579 &lt;;`_: Fixture ``caplog`` now has a ``messages`` property, providing convenient access to the format-interpolated log messages without the extra data provided by the formatter/handler.

- `3610 &lt;;`_: New ``--trace`` option to enter the debugger at the start of a test.

- `3623 &lt;;`_: Introduce ``pytester.copy_example`` as helper to do acceptance tests against examples from the project.

Bug Fixes

- `2220 &lt;;`_: Fix a bug where fixtures overridden by direct parameters (for example parametrization) were being instantiated even if they were not being used by a test.

- `3695 &lt;;`_: Fix ``ApproxNumpy`` initialisation argument mixup, ``abs`` and ``rel`` tolerances were flipped causing strange comparsion results.
  Add tests to check ``abs`` and ``rel`` tolerances for ``np.array`` and test for expecting ``nan`` with ``np.array()``

- `980 &lt;;`_: Fix truncated locals output in verbose mode.

Improved Documentation

- `3295 &lt;;`_: Correct the usage documentation of ``--last-failed-no-failures`` by adding the missing ``--last-failed`` argument in the presented examples, because they are misleading and lead to think that the missing argument is not needed.

Trivial/Internal Changes

- `3519 &lt;;`_: Now a ```` file is created in ``.pytest_cache`` to make it clear why the directory exists.


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