Bindings for Davis Vantage Pro and Pro2 weather stations, upload of weather data (e.g.,, and meteorological calculation/conversion functions.
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PyWeather contains weather related modules implemented in Python.
Anything weather related is fair game for PyWeather.  Currently
PyWeather is limited to unit conversion, console reading, and data
publication.  But, future work can be added to PyWeather in any area.

Unit Conversion

PyWeather has a lot of support for common unit conversions in
distance, temperature, pressure, and volume.  Conversion from
Fahrenheit to Celsius, and kelvin is supported, as well as conversions
between inches of mercury and millibars.

Station Observations

PyWeather also contains modules that are capable of downloading
observations from weather consoles.  The current list of supported
weather consoles includes:

- Davis Vantage Pro
- Davis Vantage Pro2

Data Publication

PyWeather contains a module that allows developers to post conditions
to weather aggregation sites. The current list of support services includes:

- WeatherUnderground (
- PWS Weather        (
- WeatherForYou      (

For additional information, please email the maintainer: