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MediaTomb - UPnP AV Mediaserver.
* added video thumbnail generation using libffmpegthumbnailer
* added configure settings which allow to enable sqlite backups by
* added cross compile defaults for the inotify check to configure
* added configure check for broken libmagic on Slackware
* added libmp4v2 metadata handler to get tags and cover art from mp4
* got rid of several compiler warnings
* added storage cache
* added storage insert buffering
* fixed mysql "threads didn't exit" issue
* implemented YouTube service support which allows to watch YouTube
videos on your UPnP player (in combination with transcoding)
* added fixes to allow PCM playback on the PS3 and other devices,
thanks to mru for his findings. This allows streaming transcoded
OGG and FLAC media to the PS3.
* added option to enable tooltips for the web UI, thanks to cweiske
for the patch
* fixed bug #1986789 - Error when renaming a playlist container
* added parameter -D/--debug (enable debug output)
* closed feature request #1934646 - added parameter --version
(prints version information
* added parameter --compile-info (prints compile information)
* fixed problem "Negative duration in .m3u files" (SF forum)
* fixed bug #2078017 - Playlist inital import fails in autoscan
* fixed bug #1890657 - transcoding tmp file using 2 //
* fixed bug #1978210 - compile error with newer libcurl
* fixed bug #1934649 - typo in --help text
* fixed bugs #1986709 and #1996046 - cannot rename item with & in name
* fixed bug #2122696 - build error with MySQL 5.1
* fixed bug #1978210 - compile error with newer libcurl
* fixed bug #1973930 - Incorrect UPnP class assigned to Vorbis and
Theora items
* added a "Directories" view in the default layout for Photos and Video
* added a feature that allows to mark played items
* added support for online Apple trailers
* improved inotify check which was failing with 2.4 kernels
v0.11.0 01.03.2008 External transcoding support
* implemented transcoding support that allows to plug in an arbitrary
transcoding application
* added fourcc detection for AVI files and transcoding options to
limit transcoding to certain fourcc's
* added new metadata extractor using ffmpeg, patch submitted by
Ingo Preiml
* added vorbis / theora detection for ogg containers, so video files
should not end up in audio containers anymore
* fixed bug where database-file option was still checked even when
MySQL was selected in the configuration
* fixed a bug where check of the home directory was enforced even if
the configuration file was specified on command line
* UTF-8 fix suggested by piman - taglib should handle UTF-8 correctly,
so we will request an UTF-8 string from taglib and do not do the
conversion ourselves
* UTF-8 fix for libextractor, basically same as with TagLib
* added default mapping for flv files since they are not correctly
recognized by libmagic
* fixed a bug where we could get crashed by a missing URL parameter
sent to the UI
* fixed 64bit related issues in the UPnP SDK
* fixed a problem where ID3 tags were not detected with id3lib
* fixed off by one errors in StringBuffer class, thanks to stigpo for
the patch
* fixed bug #1824216 - encoded URLs were not treated properly
* made sure that log output is always flushed
* made temporary directory configurable
* using expat as XML parser
* new XML generator - support for comments
* changed layout of the storage configuration XML
* added migration for old config.xml
* speed up sqlite3 by setting synchronous=off by default
* adding automatic database backup for sqlite3
* adding automatic backup restore on sqlite3 database corruption
* fix permission problem - supplementary groups weren't set by
* fixed js (spidermonkey) related crashes
* fix mysql reconnect issue - charset was lost after reconnect
* added check to avoid coredump when max number of inotify watches
has been reached
* made sure that range requests specified as "bytes=0-" do not trigger
a 416 response for media where the filesize is unknown
* added fix for chunked encoding that was posted on the maemo forums
* fixed configure to determine if iconv needs the const char cast or
not (fixes OSX compilation problem)
* added album art support for the PS3
* fixed a bug where path used by add container chain was not converted
to UTF-8
* added patch for author and director extraction from id3 tags,
submitted by Reinhard Enders
* init script for fedora now uses the -e option instead of grepping
for the IP (old variant only worked on systems with english
* updated spec file with changes from Marc Wiriadisastra
* we now are also providing the filesize along with the other metadata
* added environment variables that can be used for additional server
configuration (useful for directory independent NAS setups)
* added comments and examples to the config.xml that is generated by
the server
* added patch from Gabriel Burca to extract keywords from id3 tags
* added runtime inotify detection
* added a workaround for the Noxon V1 which for some reasons sends
us a double encoded ampersand XML sequences in the URL
* implemented feature request #1771561, extension to mimetype mappings
can now be case insensitive
v0.10.0 11.07.2007 Playlist and inotify autoscan support.
* MySQL database version pumped to 3 (MediaTomb will automatically
update the database during the first launch)
* Sqlite3 database version pumped to 2 (MediaTomb will automatically
update the database during the first launch)
* added support for inotify based autoscan
* playlist support - parsing playlist via js is now possible
* added network interface option
* added workaround for a PS3 related problem, where sockets were left
open (bug #1732412)
* improved iconv handling of illegal characters
* added character conversion safeguards to make sure that non UTF-8
strings do not make it into the database from js scripts
* made character conversion functions available to js
* added option to hide PC Directory from UPnP renderers
* added album art support, album art is extracted from ID3 tags
and offered to UPnP devices
v0.9.1 28.05.2007 Playstation 3 support
* added support for Playstation 3
* added command line option that allows to tell the server where to
put the configuration upon first startup
* fixed a fseeko-check related bug in configure
* the configure script now honors the LDFLAGS while checking for sqlite3
* fixed wrong message printout in configure
* PC Directory can now be renamed in the UI
* fixed a bug in, the --with-extractor-libs= parameter
didn't work
* fixed a MySQL related bug, if the path or filename contained non-UTF8
characters, the inserted strings weren't complete
* circumvented a bug/feature of older MySQL versions, that caused the
MySQL database creation script to fail
* MySQL database version pumped to 2 (MediaTomb will automatically
update the database during the first launch)
v0.9.0 25.03.2007 Major rework
* the UI was completely rewritten from scratch; it uses AJAX for all
* integrated libupnp ( into our source tree
* added largefile support
* code has undergone some performance optimizations
* fixed a bug where server did not shutdown while http download
was in progress
* all sqlite3 queries are now handled by a single, dedicated
thread to make MediaTomb work with SQLite3 compiled with
* fixed a bug where setting -p 0 did not trigger automatic
port selection if it had to override the value in config.xml
* fixed bug 1425424 - crash on a bad config.xml - we did not handle
the case where the <udn> tag was not present.
Thanks to Nektarios K. Papadopoulos <>
for the report and patch.
* added configure option and adapted the code to completely
supress all log output
* added configure option and adapted the code to supress
debug output
* added taglib support, thanks to Benhur Stein <>
for the patch.
* bug 1524468 (startup in daemon mode fails) does no longer occur
after the integration of libupnp 1.4.x sources
* fixed bug 1292295 (string conversion was failing on 64bit platforms)
* fixed issue with ContainerUpdateIDs (were not sent out along with
accepted subscription)
* fixed issue where some directories could not be browsed (filesystem
browser). It turned out that we forgot to convert the filenames
to UTF-8, as the result invalid characters made their way into
the XML that was feeded to the browser.
* improved illegal character conversion handling - in case iconv
fails we will pad the rest of the name string with "?" and print
out the failed name in the console.
* we now try to determine the default import charsets by looking
at the system locale.
* implemented track number metadata extraction (feature request
1430799). track numbers are now extracted via id3lib/taglib and
can also be used in the import script. import.js has been adapted
to add tracknumbers to song names in the Album container.
* added option to supress hidden files when browsing the filesystem
* added X_MS_MediaReceiverRegistrar Service to allow future Xbox 360
* added workarounds to enable Telegent TG100 avi playback
* server can now be restarted by sending it a SIGHUP
* the current configuration file will never be displayed in the UI and
will never be added to the database - we do not want the user to
accidentally share it on the network since it may contain
security sensitive data
* tomb-install is no longer needed, the server will automatically create
a default ~/.mediatomb/config.xml file if there is none
* the database tables will be created automatically if they don't
* adapted configure script to correctly set flags for linkers that
use the --as-needed option
* the "PC Directory" isn't changeable via the UI anymore to ensure a
correct view of the "PC Directory"
* lookups in the database are now done with hashes, which should make
many things faster, especially the adding
* changed the database field "location" from varchar(255) to text to
allow urls and locations of unlimited size
* created a new theme for the UI
* added support for "blind" .srt requests - some renderers like the
DSM320 will blindly request the url provided via browse, replacing
and found file extension with .srt, we will look for the .srt file
in the directory where the original media is located, using the
same filename, but with the .srt extension
* created XML schema for "config.xml" to provide the possiblity of
validating the configuration
* added fallback if js is not available - there is a builtin feature
to create a default virtual layout now; config.xml has got an
option to select the virtual-layout type, it can be builting, js or
* added charset option to the import script, it is not possible to
specify the script encoding
* we now validate filesystem, metadata and scripting charsets upon
* added a special option that allows limiting title and description
lengths in UPnP browse replies to a specified length; this was
necessary to work around a bug in the TG100 that has problems
browsing items where title length exceeds 101 characters.
* import.js can now specify the upnp class of the last container in the
* all items within a container which upnp class is set to
object.container.album.musicAlbum will automatically be sorted by
track number.
* added option to configure the presentation URL to make it easier
for NAS vendors to integrate the server into their web UI
* made model number configurable
v0.8.1 07.09.2005
* added "serve" directory, any files there can be downloaded
like from a normal webserver
* implemented keyword extraction for auxdata from libexif
* implemented keyword extraction for auxdata from libextractor
* added Exif metadata support for images via libexif.
* added resolution attribute to image res tag
* added bitrate and duration attribute to mp3 res tag (via id3lib)
* added auxdata field for items, auxilary data can be extracted
and used by import scripts.
* added configuration options to specify which aux fields should
be extracted and filled by the library.
* added mysql support
* refined configure script, almost all dependencies are now
* changed database, (not backward compatible again)
* when an item is deleted all referenced items are deleted as well
* added option to specify an alternative magic file
v0.8.0 15.06.2005 Scripting/Virtual Server Layout
* Server layout can now be defined using java script,
default layout script is provided.
* Added ID3 tag support.
* Fixed various memory leaks.
* Files in the Filesystem Browser are now sorted alphabetically.
* Added extension to mime-type mappings to the configuration.
* Added option to limit import by file extensions.
* Added daemon mode as well as setuid/setgid options, init.d
script included.
* Fixed mime-type recognition when importing media (filemagic output
is now parsed using regular expressions)
* Introduced new log system.
* Adding/Browsing/Removing media in the UI is now handled
* Added a command line option to import media upon server launch.
* Added target directory option to tomb-install, cleaned up a few
v0.7.1 17.04.2005 D-Link DSM-320 fix
* Mappings of mime-types to upnp classes are now configurable.
Actually this is how we solved the DSM-320 problem - they
crashed if upnp class of items was different than what the
DSM expected.
* tomb-install now creates the database and configuration file
from templates (was hardcoded); also sets the name of the server
individually for each user (host / username)
* Improved handling of configuration, if non critical options are
missing we are now setting default values.
v0.7 14.04.2005 First release
* The changelog does not start at day 0, updates will be made
starting from this release.