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CSS to the Rescue @cmda-minor-web 19-20

This course is in English

In this three week course you are going to create an innovative, experimantal, yet pleasurable user experience by using CSS and SVG. No Javascrpt allowed.

Learning goals

  • You understand the broader scope of CSS: You can show that CSS can be used for more than just styling web pages.
  • You understand the progressive enhancement parts of CSS: You can show that you can use the cascade, inheritance and specificity in your project
  • You understand the interactive parts of CSS: Is the UX fully enhanced within in given CSS scope?
  • You have been experimenting: Have the learning goals been stretched?



Week 1 - 👁 C what you did there

See all the details of week 1 here.

Goals of this week:

  • Be inspired
  • Discuss hot CSS topics.
  • Get going!

Week 2 - Create Stuff, 🙃 Smile

This week’s goals: Moar inspiration, create stuff, break stuff, and learn from each other.

Week 3 - 🎪 Show time

Goals: Blow us away.


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