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Web App From Scratch @cmda-minor-web 1920

In this course you will learn to build a web application without frameworks or unnecessary libraries, but with vanilla HTML, CSS & JavaScript as much as possible. The end result is a modular, single page web app (SPA). Data will be retrieved from an external API of your choice, manipulated and finally shown in the UI of the App. You will learn different ways to structure code and develope your own coding style. With the gained knowledge you will be able to build interactive prototypes, based on real data. Also you will gain a better understanding of the how API's, frameworks and libraries work.

Learning goals

  • You can add structure to your code by applying patterns. You can defend the choice for the chosen patterns
  • You can retrieve data, manipulate it and dynamically convert it to html elements using templating
  • You understand how you can work with an external API using asynchronous code
  • You understand how you can manage state in your application and you inform the user of state where necessary



Week 1 - Hello API 🐒

Goal: Retrieve data from an API and render it in an overview page.



Week 2 - Design and Refactor 🛠

Goal: Design the web app. Add routes and states. Rendering detail page.



Week 3 - Wrapping up 🎁

Goal: Manipulate data. Split code into modules. Reflect on end result



Best Practices

All work during this course will be tested against our Best Practces for JavaScript.


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