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Frontend 3 - Course 2017-2018

Table of Contents


The course Frontend 3 is given at @CMDA in 2017 between 25 September and 20 October.


Frontend 3 builds further on the knowledge acquired in Internetstandaarden, Inleiding Programmeren, Frontend 1, Frontend 2, and Backend (the last two are optional but recommended), amongst others.

In this course you鈥檒l learn to use d3 to actually make what you design, to advance your web dev skills, and to adopt frameworks and libraries. In Project 1 (individual) and Project 2 (team) of Information Design you鈥檒l apply your newfound skills.

If you鈥檇 like to continue with web development after this course check out the Minor Web Development. Feel free to ask your lecturer for more info about the minor.


  • GitHub 鈥 Main source of information, assignments, important dates, and more
  • Website 鈥 Examples and assignments
  • Slack 鈥 General chatter and Q&A
  • Moodle 鈥 Schedulers


Main goals

The 3 main goals in this course are:

  • Learning how to use a library
  • Making a data visualisation from external data
  • Learning d3


In practice you鈥檒l learn to:

  1. Understand SVG and canvas (class 1)
  2. Load external data (class 1 and class 3)
  3. Write documentation (class 2)
  4. Read documentation (class 2)
  5. Debug code (class 2)
  6. Refactor code (class 2)
  7. Use scales (domain, range, and axis) (class 2 and class 5)
  8. Transform and clean data (class 3)
  9. Manipulate elements (class 3 and class 4)
  10. Use data joins (class 3 and class 4)
  11. Create interactive visualisations (class 4 and class 5)
  12. Create multiple visualisations on the same page (class 5 and class 6)


Task Weight
Participation 10%
Assessment 1 (remote) 20%
Assessment 2 (remote) 30%
Assessment 3 (oral) 40%
Total 100%


Dates are indicative. Check for info on actual date, time, and place.

Class Date ID 1 Date ID 2 Date ID 3
Class 1 25-09 26-09 25-09
Class 2 02-10 04-10 02-10
Assessment 1 05-10鈥 06-10鈥 04-10鈥
Class 3 05-10 06-10 04-10
Class 4 09-10 11-10 09-10
Assessment 2 12-10鈥 13-10鈥 11-10鈥
Class 5 12-10 13-10 11-10
Class 6 16-10 17-10 16-10
Assessment 3 19-10 20-10 18-10 and 20-10
Resit 01-02 31-01 02-02

鈥 Assessments 1 and 2 are to be handed in before the start of the next class.


The table below breaks down the general time needed to complete activities.

Activity Effort (hrs)
Class (6 脳 2陆hrs) 15
Assignments (5 脳 5hrs) 25
Assessment 1 4
Assessment 2 8
Assessment 3 12
Extra 20
Total 84


Resources used in this course

  • 馃啌 GitHub account (required) 鈥 Sign Up
  • 馃啌 Text Editor (required) 鈥 Atom or Sublime
  • 馃啌 Installation of Node, Python, or Ruby (required)
  • 馃啌 King, Ritchie S. Visual Storytelling with D3. Addison-Wesley, 2015 (optional)
  • 馃啌 Meeks, Elijah. D3.js in Action. O鈥橰eilly Media, 2017 (optional)
  • 馃啌 Navarro Castillo, Pablo. Mastering D3.js. Packt Publishing, 2014 (optional)
  • 馃啌 D3.js Essentials on Lynda (optional)

馃拋 The three books are free for HvA students through Safari Bookshelves. Lynda is free for HvA students through our portal.

Resources to refresh your memory

Resources used in previous courses


If you have questions:


Frontend 3 is given in the Information Design semester (quarter 1 and 2). Information Design is all about data visualisation and infographics. In 6 courses and 3 projects you鈥檒l learn how to visualise data and complex information. In Frontend 3 you鈥檒l learn how to build that.

This semester (including this course) is quite technical. However, we鈥檒l also test your creativity. See the below infographic about Frontend 3鈥檚 place in Information Design.


Frontend 3 is given at Communication and Multimedia Design, a design bachelor focused on interactive digital products and services. CMD is part of the Faculty of Digital Media and Creative Industries at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.


This project has a Code of Conduct. Anyone interacting with this repository, organisation, or community is bound by it.

Staff and students of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (Hogeschool van Amsterdam) are additionally bound by the Regulation Undesirable Conduct (Regeling Ongewenst Gedrag).


Software: MITTitus Wormer. Docs and images: CC-BY-NC-SA-4.0.