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Preview picture of the bar-chart by @mbostock

Bar Ch忙rt Ultimatum 97

This is a bar chart that show's the population of all people living in The Netherlands ordered by provence.


This bar chart was originaly made by ( I removed several graphs to make it my own. I also changed the color of the bars and changed the values. The graph originaly conained six grouped bar-charts wich all contained seven values with their own data. I made it into one grouped bar-chart with the twelve provences of The Netherlands as value and changed the data to the real population per provence.


Both the X-axis and the Y-axis were changed and the colors of the bars.

  • X-axis - I removed all the names of the grouped bars, made it into one bar and had it labeled 'Population of The Netherlands'
  • Y-axis - This value fortunately changed automaticly as I changed the data of the bars
  • Colors - I changed all colors to (in my opinion) more suiting collors. Offcourse I had to add a view colors because I used more values.

D3 Features


All rights belong to the user @Mbostock.