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Simple bar chart

In this readme I'll explain what I did for the bar-chart assignment of class 1 of Frond End 3: Data.


I used a simple bar chart from the D3 library and changed it until it became my own. After copying all the files and playing around with it I explained all the different parts in the script and modified some of them. Then I changed the data to data that I collected myself: the amount of time I slept during each day of the week, you can read more on this in the next chtper: Data.


First of all I wrote down the hours of sleep on every day of the last week, than I converted them into percentages of the complete day. For example: 8 hours = 33%. Each column on the x-axis represents a day, on the y-axis you can see the percentage of the day I slept away ;).



Released under the GNU General Public License, version 3.