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Tech Track - Courses 2018-2019

Table of Contents


The Tech Track is given at @CMDA in 2018 between 8 October and 30 November.


In Tech Track you鈥檒l advance your web dev skills, learn how to learn libraries and frameworks, and to create interactive visualisations from external data.

Tech Track is an elective track of three courses given in Information Design (fall semester), building further on knowledge acquired in Internetstandaarden, Inleiding Programmeren, Frontend 1, Frontend 2, and Backend.

If you鈥檇 like to continue with web development after this track, pick Minor Everything Web in the spring semester.

Here are a few examples of what students made in frontend applications:



  • GitHub 鈥 Main source of information, assignments, examples, important dates, and more
  • Slack (tech-track channel) 鈥 General chatter and Q&A
  • Moodle 鈥 Nothing
  • Website 鈥 URL you can send other people


Main goals

The 2 main goals in this track are that you鈥檙e able to:

  • learn how to create with libraries
  • create interactive visualisations from external data


In practice you鈥檒l learn to:

  1. read docs
  2. write docs
  3. debug code
  4. refactor code
  5. manipulate elements
  6. load external data
  7. transform data
  8. use svg
  9. use scales
  10. use data joins
  11. apply motion


Course Points
Frontend Applications 3 ECTS
Functional Programming 3 ECTS
Frontend Data 3 ECTS
Total 9 ECTS


Resources used in this track

馃拋 The three books are free for HvA students through Safari Bookshelves. Lynda is free for HvA students through our portal.

Resources to refresh your memory

Resources used in previous courses


If you have questions:


This track is given in the Information Design semester (fall). Information Design is all about data visualisation and infographics. In six courses and two projects students learn how to visualise data and complex information.

After the initial three courses on data visualisation, students choose either a visual or technical track of another three courses. After both tracks, the two groups come back together and show and combine their skills in two projects.

In the tech track students learn how to build visualisations into reality. Albeit technical, the track tests your creativity.


This track is given at Communication and Multimedia Design, a design bachelor focused on interactive digital products and services. CMD is part of the Faculty of Digital Media and Creative Industries at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.


This track has a Code of Conduct. Anyone interacting with this repository, organisation, or community is bound by it.

Staff and students of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (Hogeschool van Amsterdam) are additionally bound by the Regulation Undesirable Conduct (Regeling Ongewenst Gedrag).


Unless stated otherwise, code is MITTitus Wormer, docs and images are CC-BY-4.0.

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