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1.3.19 (2022-01-15)


  • Update Git for Windows to 2.34.0
  • Update to Clink 1.2.46
  • Update to stable Conemu 210912
  • Do not rely on having a %cmder_root%\config\cmder_prompt_config.lua


  • Powershell Git version Discovery - See #2373 for the full proposal.
    • Find user installed Git on Path
      • If found
        • if newer than Cmder embedded Git
          • Use it's existing Path config and completely ignore embedded Git.
        • Else if Cmder embedded Git exists and is newer
          • Match User installed Git path config using Cmder embedded Git folders.
      • Else if Cmder embedded Git exists
        • Add Cmder embedded Git folders to the path.
          • $env:cmder_root\vendor\git-for-windows\cmd;$env:path
          • $env:path;$env:cmder_root\vendor\git-for-windows\usr\bin
          • $env:path;$env:cmder_root\vendor\git-for-windows\mingw64\bin
  • Configurable prompt for cmd.exe sessions. See %cmder_root%\config\cmder_prompt_config.lua
    • Configurable colors
    • Option to change λ to another character.
    • Option to add [user]@[host] to the prompt
    • Option to use of ~ to represent $HOME folder.
    • Option to use folder name vs. full working directory path in prompt.
    • Option to use single line prompt.


  • Git prompt opt-out works better with additional changes to clink-completions