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All config files must be in this folder. If there is no option to set this folder directly, it has to be hardlinked.

  • aliases: aliases in cmd; called form vendor\init.bat; autocreated from vendor\aliases.example.
  • *.lua: clink completions and prompt filters; called from vendor\cmder.lua after all other prompt filter and clink completions are initialized; add your own.
  • user_profile.{sh|bat|ps1}: startup files for bash|cmd|powershell tasks; called from their respective startup scripts in vendor\; autocreated on first start of such a task
  • .history: the current commandline history; autoupdated on close
  • settings: settings for readline; overwritten on update
  • ConEmu.xml: settings from ConEmu (=the UI of cmder -> Preferences); overwritten on update