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A configurable react component to preview images
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A configurable react component that allows preview of images and some other functionalities.


As a pre-requisite you need to have npm installed. You also need to have react and react-dom installed in your project.

See here to start using react in your project.


To use this component, do

npm install --save react-image-select-pv

or as the case may be

yarn add react-image-select-pv


If you use redux, you would need to be on version >=6.0.0 or ^6.0.0 (depending on the semantics required by your project) because of known issues with React.memo on previous versions. See here


Say we have a simple <div> element that we want to select and preview images to, we can use <ImageSelectPreview /> as is, without any configuration

import React from 'react'
import ImageSelectPreview from 'react-image-select-pv';

const SimpleDiv = () => {
    return (
            <ImageSelectPreview />

export default React.memo(SimpleDiv)

We can add some configurations as props


    onChange={ data => { // handle images data here } }


API as Props

Here is a list of the supported props that can be used to provide or override the component's behaviours.

Functional Bahaviour

You can configure the functionality of this component to suit your app's logic flow.

max [number] (optional) - default: 12

Maximum selectable images.

preview [boolean] (optional) - default: true

Enables/Disables the preview of images after user selection. Does not turn off supply of images data.

Can be useful when you want the images to be shown in a separate component in your application.

hide [boolean] (optional) - default: false

Decides whether <ImageSelectPreview /> component should be active or not. Disables every other functionality when set to true.

imageTypes [string] (optional) - default: "bmp|cmx|cod|cr2|eps|gif|ico|ief|jfif|jpe|jpeg|jpg|nef|orf|pbm|pgm|png|pnm|ppm|ras|raw|rgb|sr2|svg|tif|tiff|xbm|xpm|xwd"

A string of image file extensions separated by |. When specified, all other image file extensions will be ignored.

maxImageSize [number] (optional) - default: 512000000

Highest size (in bytes) acceptable for each image in the selection.

The default, 512000000, is interpreted as 512MB.

Reactive Behaviour

These props give you the ability to react when an internal action occurs.

onChange [function] (optional) - default: null

A function that, if specified, will be called when there is a change observed in the list of images.

On call, the complete array of dataObjects will be passed as an argument.

Where each dataObject is represented thus:

    content: // base64 string
    blob:  // blobfile in
onError [function] (optional) - default: null

This function will be called after a selection process triggers some errors based on the constraints set.

On call, the complete array of errors will be passed as an argument.

Where each error is represented as:

    name: // string of file name
    error: // string of error description
    type: // string of error type



You can specify the style or text for some elements within the component and it will be applied directly on them.

componentLabel [string] (optional) - default: null

The text to be used as the label for the component.

buttonText [string] (optional) - default: "Add Images"

The text to be used in the component's prompt button.

dropAreaText [string] (optional) - default: "Drop images here."

The text to be used as the component's drop area prompt.

imageStyle [object] (optional) - default: null

An object of react-like styles to apply on the images in the preview.


All releases starting from v1.1.0 follow Semantic Versioning



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