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A syntactical directory of keyboard shortcuts.
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Keyboard Shortcut Directory

A JSON directory of keyboard shortcuts, written in a consistent syntax.


Currently used to power


keyboard-shortcut-directory uses a standardized, abbreviated format so that shortcuts are easy to type.


Abbreviation Meaning
cmd command
ctrl control
opt option
shift shift
alt alt
ret return
esc escape
del delete
ent enter
pgdown page down
pgup page up
space space bar
down, up, left, right arrow keys


Abbreviation Meaning
+ combine keys
empty space then
/ or
- through
(...) instruction

All characters should be lowercase. Instructions are surrounded by space on each side. "then" will not be placed before or after an instruction. E.g. g p will result in "g then p" but cmd+g (then type what you need, then) p will result in "command + g then type what you need, then p"


Listed below are examples of formatted keyboard shortcuts and their translated meaning.

Formatted Shortcut Translated Shortcut
cmd+space command + space
cmd+g p command + g then p
(Type a search term, then press) return Type a search term, then press return
e/y e or y
F1-F12 F1 through F12


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