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Slack Invite Splash Page to be hosted on AWS S3 using API Gateway and Lambda
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AWS Slack Invite

This project is for creating a simple, static website for inviting users to a Slack Team Chat. It is completely hosted within AWS and (depending on your load) should be completely free to host.

How to use

This project is composed of two core components - the S3 static website code and the Lambda function "serverside"/ code (for sending invitations to emails).


To begin, install cookiecutter, and create your project. Run:

$ pip install cookiecutter
$ cookiecutter gh:cmeadows/aws-slack-invite
slack_domain []: <this is your domain found at>
slack_oauth_token []: <slack oauth token (>
api_gateway_url []: <your deployed API Gateway URL>


Static Website on S3
  1. (Optional) Replace the s3/static/background.jpg with your background image
  2. Upload the contents of the s3 directory to an S3 bucket.
  3. Follow instructions here on how to setup a static website on S3.
  4. (Optional) You can setup a CloudFront distribution for the static content.
AWS Lambda
  1. Create an AWS Lambda function.
  2. Copy lambda/ code into AWS Lambda code editor.
API Gateway
  1. Create an AWS API Gateway API by uploading the provided api-gateway/swagger.yaml file in the console.

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