The source code for my Legend of Zelda optimal equipment guides.
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Legend of Zelda optimal equipment guides

This is the source code on which my Legend of Zelda optimal equipment guides are based.

In the "xml" directory you will find the actual guide information, licensed under CC-BY-SA-4.0. The rest of this repository is the Java code that was hacked together to create the HTML guides from the XML files. The Java code (not the HTML files) are licensed under the MIT license.


The Java code is really crappy. It was the first program I ever wrote in Java (or indeed in any purely object-oriented style). I have provided it here only on the off-chance that it may be useful to somebody, e.g. if anyone wishes to create their own Zelda guides in HTML or other formats and wishes to use my code as a starting point.

I hold no illusions that this code is in any way consistent, bug-free or a feast for the eyes. Please look elsewhere for that.