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Basic Ember.js visualizations built in D3.
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Ember Visualizations

Ember Visualizations provides basic integration between Ember.js and D3 for common graphs and charts.

Ember Visualizations is currently under development. Use at your own risk. And, as always, contributions are greatly appreciated!


Currently, Ember Visualizations supports generation of responsive Time Series and Histogram visualizations.

View the full documentation here.

Building Ember Visualizations.

  1. Run rake to build.



  1. Install Ruby 1.9.2+.

  2. Install Bundler: gem install bundler

  3. Run bundle inside the project root to install the gem dependencies.

In Your Browser

  1. To start the development server, run bundle exec rackup.

  2. Then visit: http://localhost:9292/tests/index.html?package=all.

From the CLI

  1. Install phantomjs from

  2. Run bundle exec rake test.

  3. (Mac OS X Only) Run bundle exec rake autotest to automatically re-run tests when any files are changed.


Preview API documenation

Build API documentation

  • Run bundle exec rake docs:build

  • HTML documentation is built in the docs directory

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