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# encoding: UTF-8 do |s| = "guard-yeti"
s.version = "0.0.3"
s.authors = ["Simon Højberg", "Christopher Meiklejohn"] = ["", ""]
s.homepage = ""
s.summary = %q{Guard::Yeti automatically run's your YUI tests via Yeti}
s.description = %q{Guard watches files. Use guard-yeti to run your YUI unit test via Yeti, when your implementation files change}
s.rubyforge_project = "guard-yeti"
s.files = `git ls-files`.split("\n")
s.test_files = `git ls-files -- {test,spec,features}/*`.split("\n")
s.executables = `git ls-files -- bin/*`.split("\n").map{ |f| File.basename(f) }
s.require_paths = ["lib"]
s.add_dependency "guard"
s.add_dependency "rake"
s.add_development_dependency "minitest"
s.add_development_dependency "guard-minitest"
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