Prototype of a binding library authored in ClojureScript.
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Prototype of a binding library authored in ClojureScript. Reba is just an experiment and shouldn't be used in production.


Currently, the reba consists of the following protocols:

  • materializable
  • computable
  • eventable
  • observable


Observables are a lightweight wraper around watchers in Clojure, but provides the basic building blocks for building the others.


Computables provide the ability to bind objects together using a derivation function which defines how to derive the object from the other.

The following example defines a new list, which is derived by taking an existing list, and filtering the values.

(computable/add! list-of-items list-of-oustanding-items "oustanding-list"
                 (fn [items] (filter outstanding? items)))


Materializers provide a way to bind a Clojure atom to a particular location in the DOM and keep the DOM updated with changes to the object as they occur.

The following code will bind a materializer named completed-list-view to the Clojure atom list-of-items, and render the output of the some-html-generating-fn (when applied to the current value of the atom) into the element in the DOM identified by completed.

(materializable/add! list-of-items :completed-list-view "completed"


Eventables provide a way to bind event listeners to particular locations in the DOM, and tie them to a particular Clojure atom for mutating state. Combined with Materializers, Eventables provide the ability to have an event triggered from the DOM, update a Clojure atom, and propagate the result of the action directly back into the DOM.

In the following example, a listener is bound to the element in the DOM identified by add-todo for the click event. When this event is received, the add-event-handler function will be applied to the list-of-items atom with the actual event, and its return value will be used to replace the current contents of list-of-items. Combined with Materializers, this can be used to propagate the changes directly back into the DOM.

(eventable/add! list-of-items "add-todo" "click" add-event-handler)


See the src/examples directory for examples of more full-featured web applications.


Copyright (C) 2012 Christopher Meiklejohn.

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.