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Rebar JS Uglifier Plugin

Minify your JavaScript files when building your Erlang OTP application using UglifyJS.


Specify rebar_js_uglifier_plugin as a dependency in your rebar.config.

{deps, [
       {rebar_js_uglifier_plugin, ".*",
        {git, "git://", {branch, "master"}}}

Then, configure as a plugin in your rebar.config.

{plugins, [rebar_js_uglifier_plugin]}.


Below is an example configuration with one minification. In this example vendor.js is the destination minified file, sourced from vendor.js. Place the below configuration in your applications rebar.config.

{js_uglifier, [
    {doc_root,   "priv/assets/javascripts"},
    {out_dir,    "priv/www/javascripts"},
    {compressions, [
        {"vendor.min.js", "vendor.js"}