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Lightweight object mapper for Riak.
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Lightweight object mapper for Riak.


Riik doesn't support everything you would exepct from a full ORM. There are no validations, no callbacks, and no error handling, as the primary motivation was providing an extremely thin abstraction over RObject allowing you to map an objects serialized fields into keys. The benefits come from being able to work with a lightweight abstraction without dependencies on larger, external gems, such as activesupport and activemodel.

If you're building an entire site with Riak as the primary data store, you should be looking at Ripple.

If you're looking at building a gem or Ruby application that needs to write serialized objects directly to Riak without any overhead, look no further.


To define a class:

class Person
  include Riik::Document

  property :first_name
  property :last_name

To use:

p = => 'Fat', :last_name => 'Mike') # => true
p.destroy # => true
Person.find(p.key) # => p


  1. Fork the official repository.
  2. Make your changes in a topic branch (with tests, please).
  3. Send a pull request.
  4. Once accepted, you'll get a free limited-run Critical Pair t-shirt!


Riik is Copyright © 2011 Critical Pair. Riik is free software, and may be redistributed under the terms specified in the LICENSE file.

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