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Normalize API for fixed position arguments.

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1 parent 7f5e1f3 commit 07557668d1d1bb877231a4bbaf386443b0d56f2a @cmeiklejohn committed Mar 20, 2013
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  1. +34 −18 src/cljs/shafty/core.cljs
@@ -68,22 +68,38 @@
selection methods for working with objects as they enter and leave the
event stream."
(not! [this])
- (map! [this map-fn])
- (bind! [this value-fn])
- (switch! [this])
+ (-map! [this map-fn])
+ (-bind! [this value-fn])
(once! [this])
+ (switch! [this])
(delay! [this interval])
(calm! [this interval])
(blind! [this interval])
(merge! [this that])
- (filter! [this filter-fn])
- (collect! [this init combine-fn])
+ (-filter! [this filter-fn])
+ (-collect! [this combine-fn init])
(snapshot! [this that])
(constant! [this value])
(skip-first! [this])
(filter-repeats! [this initial]))
+;; Helpers to normalize the API.
+(defn map! [f coll]
+ (-map! coll f))
+(defn bind! [f coll]
+ (-bind! coll f))
+(defn filter! [pred coll]
+ (-filter! coll pred))
+(defn collect! [f coll v]
+ (-collect! coll f v))
;; Pulses
@@ -155,16 +171,16 @@
(not! [this]
- (map! this (fn [x] (not x))))
+ (-map! this (fn [x] (not x))))
- (map! [this map-fn]
+ (-map! [this map-fn]
(let [e (event [this] (fn [me x] (apply map-fn [(.-value x)])))]
(add-sink! this e) e))
(switch! [this]
- (bind! this (fn [x])))
+ (-bind! this (fn [x])))
- (bind! [this value-fn]
+ (-bind! [this value-fn]
(let [prev (atom false)
out (event [] (fn [me x] x))
in (event [this] (fn [me x]
@@ -176,7 +192,7 @@
(once! [this]
(let [done (atom false)]
- (filter! this (fn [x]
+ (-filter! this (fn [x]
(if (false? @done)
(swap! done (fn [] true))
@@ -216,35 +232,35 @@
e (event s (fn [me x] (.-value x)))]
(doall (map (fn [x] (add-sink! x e)) s)) e))
- (filter! [this filter-fn]
+ (-filter! [this filter-fn]
(let [e (event [this] (fn [me x]
(let [v (apply filter-fn [(.-value x)])]
(if (true? v)
(.-value x)
(add-sink! this e) e))
- (collect! [this init combine-fn]
+ (-collect! [this combine-fn init]
(let [acc (atom init)]
- (map! this (fn [x] (swap! acc (fn [] (combine-fn x @acc)))))))
+ (-map! this (fn [x] (swap! acc (fn [] (combine-fn x @acc)))))))
(snapshot! [this that]
(let [e (event [this] (fn [me x] (deref that)))]
(add-sink! this e) e))
(constant! [this value]
- (map! this (fn [x] value)))
+ (-map! this (fn [x] value)))
(skip-first! [this]
(let [skipped (atom false)]
- (filter! this (fn [x]
+ (-filter! this (fn [x]
(if (false? @skipped)
(swap! skipped (fn [] true)) false
(filter-repeats! [this initial]
(let [prev (atom initial)]
- (filter! this (fn [x]
+ (-filter! this (fn [x]
(if (not (= @prev x))
(swap! prev (fn [] x)) true
@@ -326,12 +342,12 @@
(lift! [this lift-fn]
- (-> (changes! this) (map! lift-fn) (hold! nil)))
+ (-> (changes! this) (-map! lift-fn) (hold! nil)))
(lift2! [this that lift-fn]
(lift2! this that lift-fn nil))
(lift2! [this that lift-fn initial]
(-> (merge! (changes! this) (changes! that))
- (map! (fn [] (apply lift-fn [@this @that])))
+ (-map! (fn [] (apply lift-fn [@this @that])))
(hold! initial))))

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