Ruby Server to serve web socket requests (based on Event Machine and Thin HTTP parser)
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Experimental WebSocket server based on EventMachine
(Shamelessly pulled lot of code and HTTP parser from Marc-Andre Cournoyer's awesome Thin Web Server )

This currently only act as an echo server

To try out:

1. Get a clone of this code.
2. Inside the directory, run `ruby websocket_server.rb` to start the server.
3. Then open up your latest browser (Google Chrome it is ;)

 (I couldn't set up a simple web page with client-side socket Javascript yet, so let's use the good old JavaScript console)

4. Go to any web page - say
5. Open up the JavaScript console - (View -> Developer -> JavaScript Console)

6. Enter the following code to create the client-side socket

  ws = new WebSocket("ws://localhost:2200");
  ws.onmessage = function(ev) { console.log("received " + ); }

7. Now you got a simple echo server working via WebSockets!

This is just for experimental use, nothing ground breaking here..(but I'm working on more practical examples)