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Pinry is a self-hostable Pinterest "clone" that has a strong resemblance to Wookmark. (Because I use their jQuery library and like their design.)

Pinry Screenshot


Because I don't like sharing. I would use these services to store a lot of images and data that isn't necessarily personal but that I don't actually want to share or deal with the possibility of having it taken down by a DMCA notice. My use of Pinterest/Wookmark boils down to having personal board for things I want to remember or keep for inspiration.


Some features that I want to impelement, if you know how to implement them then please do them for me! I'm very pull-request friendly and will not yell at you for bad code, I'll simply work with you to improve it.

  • Add non-image URL support, take "screenshot" of page as a thumbnail.
  • Create a bookmarklet for quick saving.
  • Manual and automatic tagging via description, image alt tags and whatever else I can scrape.
  • Statistics page with graphs for image views, what times of day have the most posts, etc.

Getting Started

Have virtualenv and pip installed. You may also need to have the build dependencies for PIL installed. (If you are on Ubuntu you can do this by typing "sudo build-dep python-imaging".)

$ git clone
$ cd pinry
$ virtualenv .
$ bin/pip install -r requirements.txt
$ bin/python syncdb
$ bin/python migrate
$ bin/python runserver

Following this will get you a development server up and running. If you want a production server Google around for more information on running Django in a production environment and create a "pinry/settings/" file.