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Welcome to chaosvpn/agoralink! This document is a step-by-step guide
to getting into the chaosvpn network. To join chaosvpn, you need to
install some software (tinc, chaosvpn). You also have to register your
node before you can connect to the rest of the network.
If you are using debian, you can use haegar's repository: (If you're
not using debian, you can compile the chaosvpn binary yourself (see
below) and install tinc by some other means)
# echo "deb lenny sdinet" >> /etc/apt/sources.list
# echo "deb-src lenny sdinet" >> /etc/apt/sources.list
Also you need to install the signing key:
# wget -q -O- | apt-key add -
Then you can update the apt cache and install tinc. Tinc has a
dependency on liblzo. So please install it together.
# apt-get update
# apt-get install tinc
As tinc was installed, you have to create the needed folders and the
key files for your machine. In this example, we call the network
"chaos" and tinc will create public and private keys for your machine
with 2048 bit.
# mkdir -p /etc/tinc/chaos/hosts
# tincd -n chaos -K 2048
You can save the generated key files on their default location.
If you want install the chaosvpn software from source, you also need
to install the following packages:
* gnu make
* flex
* byacc
* gcc
* libssl-dev
Building ChaosVPN
You should get the latest git snapshot of the chaosvpn repository:
# git clone git://
To compile chaosvpn, simply do:
# cd chaosvpn
# make
# make install
After successful installation, open
and edit the file to suit your needs. This file contains helpful
comments guiding you through the process.
Publishing your details
Now we need some details from your machine to publish it to all other
nodes within the ChaosVPN. You can fill your details into this
# The address where your machine is reachable. leave empty if no
# incoming connections could be made.
# The port number on which your tinc is listening to.
# Your name and email address which we can contact in case of
# trouble or issues.
owner="John Doe <>"
# The IPv4 network address/es or ranges which your machine is
# responsible for. You can add as many entries as you need.
# The IPv6 network address/es or ranges which your machine is
# responsible for. You can add as many entries as you need.
# Leave empty if your do not have or need IPv6 addresses.
Next, send the template to and also attach your node's
public key to the email:
Connecting to ChaosVPN
Once you're approved, you can run the chaosvpn utility. chaosvpn takes
care of configuring tinc for you. The chaosvpn utility needs to be run
as root, but it surrenders its privileges as soon as possible.
If you have got any questions, join our irc channel #chaosvpn at (If you're already connected to the chaosvpn, you can
point your irc client to hackint.hack or instead)
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