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A Pelican plugin to generate PDF resumes automatically from a Pelican page in Markdown
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This is pelican_resume, a Pelican plugin enabling automatic PDF resume generation for one of your Pelican pages. The main benefit is that you only need to maintain a single Markdown version of your resume - the corresponding HTML and generated PDF are completely automated so you can showoff your awesome resume both online and physically.

It allows you write your own resume style, or use one of the styles provided by this plugin.


Installing is easy, simply run:

pip install pelican-resume

Alternatively, you can also clone this repository and install it manually:

git clone
python install

In you need to update your plugins to inclue pelican_resume:

    # ...
    # ...


You can customize the behavior of the plugin by adding the variables below to your For simple usage, the default values should work but will look for a specific input file and produce a specific PDF name.

Setting name Default value Usage
RESUME_SRC pages/ Path to your Markdown resume page (relative to your PATH variable).
RESUME_PDF pdfs/resume.pdf Path to the generated PDF output (relative to your OUTPUT_PATH variable).
RESUME_CSS_DIR /static/css Path to the directory containing your resume CSS files.
RESUME_TYPE moderncv Type of resume to use. Has to match one of the CSS filenames under RESUME_CSS_DIR.
RESUME_PANDOC pandoc Path to your pandoc command. If pandoc is in your PATH, then it can be left as default.
RESUME_WKHTMLTOPDF wkhtmltopdf Path to your wkhtmltopdf command. If wkhtmltopdf is in your PATH, then it can be left as default.


Once you have the plugin properly configured, it will generate a PDF version of your resume automatically under the RESUME_PDF location everytime you run pelican content.

It can then easily be embedded into your Pelican website by referencing that location - thus ensuring your visitors can download the latest version of your resume which is consistent with your Markdown file.


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