A set of extra command line tools for Amazon EC2
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EC2-EXTRA-TOOLS is a set of extra command line tools for Amazon EC2 and EBS.
They are designed to extend the existing API tools provided by Amazon.  I
started the project because I needed a convenient way of identifying the 
current instance and EBS volumes. I intent to add more tools as I need them.
You are more than welcome to fork this project on Github and add your own
tools.  I'll merge them back in my branch.

These tools are still in their infancy.  I haven't done any exception handling
or performance improvements.  However, they are working well for me.

Included tools:
ec2-identify-instance: returns the EC2 instance id of the current instance
ec2-identify-volume: returns the EBS volume id of a device

October 26, 2008
Carl Mercier
carl at carlmercier dot com