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Example of a Facebook canvas app on Rails with a bunch of fixes, hacks, and workarounds for common problems
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This is a sample Facebook Canvas App built with Ruby on Rails 3.2. It demonstrates workarounds, fixes and hacks to solve some of the most frequently encountered problems with Facebook Canvas applications.


  • Fixes broken back button in IFrame (uses PushState for smart browsers, and for IE)
  • Handles disabled 3rd party cookies gracefully (ie: maintain session even when cookies are disabled)
  • Properly sets the P3P header for Internet Explorer
  • Handles Facebook's signed_request POST transparently
  • OAuth Authentication
  • Sends CSRF token with AJAX requests
  • CJAX script to for PushState. CJAX uses History.js under the hood and was heavily influenced by History.js and PJAX.


You can see this code in action at

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