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Integration of Plupload with the Rails 3.x asset pipeline

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Rails 3.x Integration for Plupload

This gem integrates Plupload with the Rails 3.x asset pipeline. It's been tested with Rails 3.1 and 3.2.


Just add it got your Gemfile:

gem plupload-rails

Quick Start

Add to your application.js:

//= require plupload

// optional, only needed if you'd like to use plupload localized
//= require plupload/i18n/de

// optional, but recommended. it sets generic settings like flash url, etc.
//= require plupload.settings     

// optional, only if you want to use the jquery integration
//= require jquery.plupload.queue 

// optional, choose the ones you'd like to use
//= require plupload.flash        
//= require plupload.silverlight  
//= require plupload.html4        
//= require plupload.html5        
//= require plupload.gears        
//= require plupload.browserplus

Add to your application.scss:

@import "jquery.plupload.queue";

Simple example haml for your views:

      runtimes: 'gears,flash,silverlight,browserplus,html5',
      url: '#{images_path}',
      multipart_params: {
        '#{request_forgery_protection_token}': '#{form_authenticity_token}',
        '#{request.session_options[:key]}': '#{request.session_options[:id]}'


When new versions of Plupload are released, simply update the gem to the latest version. When you notice that there's no gem for the latest plupload, please contact me (or even better, create an issue/ pull request).

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