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#SlickVoice (MVP) Invoicing and payment service built with Lavavel and Stripe.

This was built as a part of a presentation for the TrianglePHP Meetup group - | Slides

To run this app:

  1. Clone Repo, Install Homestead, set up new site in Homestead.
  2. Create new database in Homestead
  3. Copy the .env file: cp .env.example .env
  4. Update your .env file with your changes (app key, database, queue, stripe, email, etc)
  5. Run php artisan migrate
  6. Create your user for logging in with a seeder, artisan tinker, or through the database.
  7. Open the homestead site in a browser and enjoy!

Questions, comments, help?

Please feel free to submit a GitHub "issue" on this repo, reach out via email or twitter, or get additional one-on-one help with me through CodeMentor.


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