ShareFest 2015: Metadata Quality Analysis Interactive Presentation
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#Metadata Quality Analysis ###Tools & Scripts to Check Your Data

Christina Harlow, University of Tennessee, Knoxville

ShareFest 2015, Nashville Tennessee


Note: This was originally proposed to be a 10 minute lightning talk, so forgive me if it doesn't flow well in spots

Workflows for digital collections metadata can vary greatly dependent on the platform or digital asset management system one is working with. However, there are ways to pull and review metadata for quality analysis work, then use that analysis to better target metadata remediation projects as well as improve indexing of this metadata. This talk will be a quick introduction to some tools and scripts available for pulling and reviewing metadata sets for quality control purposes. Use cases and examples of these tools and scripts in action, in particular for the University of Tennessee Knoxville as well as the Digital Library of Tennessee, will be presented. This short talk should inspire further community effort on documenting and sharing metadata quality analysis and control workflows, as well as possible lead to future workshops in the state.


  1. Introduction 2. Purpose of this work 3. MARC, XML, JSON; RDA, DC, MODS, DPLA MAP 4. Other interest in metadata QA 5. GUIs to Scripting
  2. MARCEdit 3. Reports - Field usage, Validity 4. RDA conversion 5. Examples: Ebooks, Visual Materials Reports
  3. OpenRefine 4. Faceting, Facet-specific export 5. Example: DLTN Geographic Names Focus
  4. Python Scripting 5. Pulling/Reviewing OAI feeds 6. Pulling Certain Fields of OAI feeds 7. Json Objects Review
  5. Catmandu 7. Fix language - not XML/Json/format or encoding specific 8. MARC field value reports
  6. Questions

Contents of this Repository

  • Slides
  • Links to tools/script libraries
  • Sample datasets
  • Examples