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Dashboard view across various Basecamp projects, powered by Django
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Dashboards that contain summaries of projects in Basecamp.

Depends on the basecampreporting, simplejson and feedparser libraries.

Changes in 0.3
* Better error handling and reporting for the management commands/cron jobs
* Projects are no longer required to have an RSS feed foreign key (bugfix from 0.2)

Changes in 0.2
* Project.project_url returns the Basecamp project's homepage URL (because Project.basecamp_url can be any valid URL within a project entered by a user) 
* baseboard.helpers.update_summaries takes and honors a network timeout argument (defaults to 20 seconds)
* Projects now have RSSFeed foreign keys -- suitable for displaying a Trac change log or a project blog, etc.

Changes in 0.1
* Initial release
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