Generative art project based upon a study on broken smartphone displays.
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Please see for a description of this project.

Process documentation

In chronological order:

  • Cropping original Matlab PNGs, so that no border around the image is left (using Gimp Autocrop or manullay adjusting the canvas size in cases where that didn't work).
  • Using Inkscape as a mean to transform the PNG into SVG (via "Path > Trace Bitmap", using the "Colors" mode, 100 scans, no smoothing, stack scans enabled and no background removal).
  • Scaling those SVGs into a common format (DIN A3 proportions). See the resizesvgs command in the Makefile.

And then optionally:

  • Transforming those SVGs back into a PNG. See the command renderpngs in the Makefile.


These work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 
International license:

When possible attribute as Michael Müller with a link to the blog post at [] (

I am always happy to hear about stuff getting used, so don't be shy on writing a mail about your use case :-).