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I will try to update this list with talks I will give in the future. If you are looking for a presentation I did, but can't find it here, it could possibly be over at the UlmApi/talks respository.

Welcome Day
Berlin, 3. August 2016
View the slides

Master's Thesis Final Presentation
University Ulm, 11. April 2016
View the slides
View the thesis

Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF)
Talk and assignments as part of the course Practial IT-Security (PSEC).
University Ulm, 4. June 2014
View the slides
View the preparation document
View the assignments document
The file, necessary for part 2 of the assignments

Solutions for the assignments: part 1, part 2

Seminar presentation on Erlang/OTP for the course Research Trends in Distributed Systems.
University Ulm, 3. February 2014
View the slides

General overview on node.js as part of the lecture Web-Engineering.
University Ulm, 13. Febtruary 2014
View the slides

Open Data
Monthly Chaosseminar organized by the Chaos Computer Club Ulm.
University Ulm, 8. July 2013
View the slides


For licensing information please see the notes in the presentations themselves (usually on the last slide). I usually license them under CC-BY.