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Repository for Cmik's Kodi add-ons add-on

Kodi version GitHub release

Watch your favorite online Pinoy shows, movies, news and live channels directly from your TV with the add-on for Kodi! This add-on works with your account and website. Media contents are all properties of TFC Online and is for personal private and domestic use only. This is not an official add-on nor released by TFC / ABS-CBN.

Project source can be found here: add-on

Kodi version GitHub release

Enjoy full episodes of GMA Network shows for free! This add-on uses website content accessible by anyone (no account needed). GMA official videos are free to access and hosted on Youtube. However, the access to the video content may vary according to your country (some are available only in the Philippines). This add-on requires to work. This is not an official GMA Network add-on nor released by GMA Network.

Project source can be found here:

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