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Video plugin for Kodi to watch GMA Network website shows/episodes content. This is not an official GMA Network add-on and we are not connected to or in any other way affiliated with the GMA Network.



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Enjoy full episodes of GMA Network shows for free! This add-on uses website content accessible by anyone (no account needed). GMA official videos are free to access and hosted on Youtube. However, the access to the video content may vary according to your country (some are available only in the Philippines). This add-on requires to work. This is not an official GMA Network add-on nor released by GMA Network.

REPO: You can find my repo here where you can install add-on: SHORT LINK:

LATEST VERSION: The latest working version can be found here :

SOURCE CODE: The source code is published on Github. Find the source code here:

Do not hesitate to share your feedbacks (ideas for new features, bug issues, etc...) about this add-on so we can improve it together.


How do I install add-on?

Add the following source in your File Manager : (ex: name it "cmik.repo")

  • Go to System > add-ons > install from zip
  • Select the new source cmik.repo / [add-on] and select the latest version zip file
  • Reboot your Kodi system to apply changes to the associated service (proxy and library checker)


Simply download and install the repo from

  • Install the zip on your device
  • Go to System > add-ons > install from zip and search for the Zip
  • Then opened Kodi > System > Add-ons > Install from repository> Cmik repo > [add-on]

See also:

How to install from zip file How to install add-ons

For Firestick users:

  • Use the Downloader app from the amazon appstore to download the zip to the Firestick.
  • Open kodi > system > add-ons > install from zip > external > downloader > Cmik repo
  • install from repository> Cmik repo > [add-on]

How to update to the latest version?

Normally, Kodi checks for updates at startup or from time to time. You can also force Kodi to check for updates:

Go to general "Settings" > Add-on > "Seach for updates" (mine is in menu sidebar).

See also:

How_to_access_the_Add-on_manager (wiki) How to update your add-on (wiki)

How can I export my shows in my Kodi library (export .strm and .nfo files)

  1. In the add-on general settings > Export to Library > set enable context menu to ON.
  2. Choose your personnal export path or leave it blank (it will export in the addon userdata folder by default)
  3. Set the number of last episodes to check & export (8 last episodes by default).
  4. Set the Automatic update to ON.
  5. Reboot your Kodi
  6. You can now export a show from the context menu when you are on a show list.
  7. Exit the add-on and go to Videos > Add videos... > select your "library" folder or by default the Kodi userdata directory (ex: ".../userdata/addon_data/"). Click here to know the userdata directory path according to your operating system.
  8. The add-on will only export .strm and .nfo files but you will have to execute a new content check for Kodi to add new contents to its library. You can also install the add-on "Library Auto Updater" from the Kodi repository to schedule an automatic update.

You've found a bug. How can I report it?

If you encounter anything that you think is a bug, please report it to the add-on github repo ( Do not hesitate to give more details about your issue:

  • your device & plateform version
  • your add-on version
  • how to reproduce the bug or the error
  • the corresponding error message in Kodi.log file (beforehand, enable Debug mode on the add-on advanced settings and set debug level at least to INFO)
  • the URL link to your kodi.log pasted file

To simply export and share your log file, I recommend you to use the Kodi Logfile Uploader add-on (

Find more info at


If you like my work, you can support me by making a donation:


Video plugin for Kodi to watch GMA Network website shows/episodes content. This is not an official GMA Network add-on and we are not connected to or in any other way affiliated with the GMA Network.







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