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FROM alpine:3.7
LABEL title="rAthena - Dockerized server" \
maintainer="Carlos Milán Figueredo" \
version="1.1" \
url1="" \
url2="" \
bbs="telnet://" \
twitter="@cmilanf" \
thanksto1="Beatriz Sebastián Peña" \
thanksto2="Alberto Marcos González"
LABEL DOWNLOAD_OVERRIDE_CONF_URL="If defined, it will download a ZIP file with the import configuration overrides. If this is the case, no environment variables applies." \
MYSQL_HOST="Hostname of the MySQL database. Ex:" \
MYSQL_DB="Name of the MySQL database." \
MYSQL_USER="Database username for authentication." \
MYSQL_PWD="Password for authenticating with database. WARNING: it will be visible from Azure Portal." \
MYSQL_ACCOUNTSANDCHARS="To whatever to execute the accountsandchars.sql so GM and bot accounts get precreated in the database" \
SET_CHAR_TO_LOGIN_IP="IP that CHAR server uses to connect to LOGIN." \
SET_MAP_TO_CHAR_IP="IP that MAP server uses to connect to CHAR." \
SET_CHAR_PUBLIC_IP="Public IP of CHAR server." \
SET_MAP_PUBLIC_IP="Public IP of MAP server." \
ADD_SUBNET_MAP1="Subnet mapping in format: net-submask:char_ip:map_ip. Check is check is if((net-submask & char_ip ) == (net-submask & servip)) => ok" \
SET_INTERSRV_USERID="UserID for interserver communication." \
SET_INTERSRV_PASSWD="Password for interserver communication." \
SET_SERVER_NAME="DisplayName of the rAthena server" \
SET_MAX_CONNECT_USER="Maximun number of users allowed to connect concurrently. Default is unlimited." \
SET_START_ZENNY="Amount of zenny to start with. Default is 0." \
SET_START_POINT="Point where newly created characters will start AFTER trainning. Format: <map_name>,<x>,<y>{:<map_name>,<x>,<y>...}" \
SET_START_POINT_PRE="Point where newly created character will start. Format: <map_name>,<x>,<y>{:<map_name>,<x>,<y>...}" \
SET_START_POINT_DORAM="Point where a new character from Doram race will start. Format: <map_name>,<x>,<y>{:<map_name>,<x>,<y>...}" \
SET_START_ITMES="Starting items for new characters. For auto-equip, include the position, otherwise 0. Format: <id>,<amount>,<position>{:<id>,<amount>,<position>" \
SET_START_ITEMS_DORAM="Starting items for new character from Doram race." \
SET_PINCODE_ENABLED="Whatever a PINCODE only inputable by mouse is asked to the player. If we are testing bots this should be disabled." \
SET_ALLOWED_REGS="How many new characters registration are we going to allow per time unit." \
SET_TIME_ALLOWED="Amount of time in seconds for allowing characters registration"
ENV PACKETVER=20151029 \
RUN mkdir -p /opt/rAthena \
&& apk update \
&& apk add --no-cache git make gcc g++ mariadb-dev mariadb-client-libs zlib-dev pcre-dev libressl-dev pcre libstdc++ nano dos2unix mysql-client bind-tools \
&& git clone /opt/rAthena \
&& cd /opt/rAthena \
&& if [ ${PACKET_OBFUSCATION} -neq 1 ]; then sed -i "s|#define PACKET_OBFUSCATION|//#define PACKET_OBFUSCATION|g" /opt/rAthena/src/config/packets.hpp; fi \
&& if [ ${PACKET_OBFUSCATION} -neq 1 ]; then sed -i "s|#define PACKET_OBFUSCATION_WARN|//#define PACKET_OBFUSCATION_WARN|g" /opt/rAthena/src/config/packets.hpp; fi \
&& ./configure --enable-packetver=${PACKETVER} \
&& make clean \
&& make server \
&& chmod a+x login-server && chmod a+x char-server && chmod a+x map-server \
&& apk del git make gcc g++ mariadb-dev zlib-dev pcre-dev libressl-dev
COPY /usr/local/bin/
COPY accountsandchars.sql /root/
COPY gab_npc.txt /opt/rAthena/npc/custom/
EXPOSE 6900/tcp 6121/tcp 5121/tcp
ENTRYPOINT ["/usr/local/bin/"]
WORKDIR /opt/rAthena
CMD ["/opt/rAthena/athena-start", "watch"]
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