A few JS files that utilize algorithm optimization and API calls
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These files relate to freelance work I did for a great animation client. Due to the nature of the agreement I have with them,
I can't release the company name or any other company-specific information. I created these scripts to add color-coding functionality
to their timesheet application, which was built with Google Sheets. This project involved working with a variety of interesting
problems, including working with the Google Sheets API and choosing the best way to optimize an algorithm that pulled data from
the "Schedule" tab of their application (including color) and using it to populate the "People" tab of their application. 

Essentially, color-projects.js adds color from a predefined color array to every project on their projects sheet. Populate-last-
people-col.js assigns projects to people for that day, every time a new day is added to the end of the spreadsheet.