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CMintS is a CMS and Static Site Generator for single and multi language websites creation. See full documentation at



If you would like to deploy your first app to the web without installing CMintS globally, check Quick Start guide.

npm install -g cmints

Example projects

Generate example project for quick start, by running:

# Generates single language project
cmints --example single

# Generates multi language project
cmints --example multi

# Generates multi language project in the {PATH} directory.
cmints {PATH} --example

Running the server

For the production:

# Run http server serving current folder 
cmints --start

# Replace optional {PATH} with the path to the folder you wish to serve.
cmints {PATH} --start

# Optional port parameter, if ommited the server will run on port 4000
cmints --start -p {PORT}

# https server: Replace {PATH} with the path to the folder you wish to serve
# Replace {PRIVATE_KEY} with the path to the private key file
# Replace {CERTIFICATE} with the path to the certiface file
cmints {PATH} --start --https -k {PRIVATE_KEY} -c {CERTIFICATE}

For development

Use --no-cache flag to disable the caching.

cmints --start --no-cache

Generating a static content

cmints --static


# tests with page caching
npm test
# tests without page caching
npm test -- --no-cache

Crowdin integration

# Upload source files and source locales to the crowdin
cmints --crowdin update-sources --key {crowdin-key}
# Download translations from the crowdin
cmints --crowdin update-translations --key {crowdin-key}
# Upload locaes to the crowdin
cmints --crowdin get-translations --key {crowdin-key}

Thanks to the awesome contributors