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Contribute to <fix>CMintS</fix>
Contribute to <fix>CMintS</fix>, by helping with the content maintenance, translations and etc.

{contribute-p[Paragraph in 'Contribute to CMintS' section] It took a lot of effort to create CMintS as a side project, it's an open source project and each Github Star counts to make it popular, so if you appear to have a Github account and you like this project, I'll really appreciate if you can star the project on it's Github page. }

{website-content[Page heading] Website content}

{english[Page heading] English}

{english-p[Paragraph in 'English' section] There is a quite a lot of resource and documentation, I'll really appreciate if you can help me spot issues with it and fix it, in order to update the documentation please check resource about documentation change proposal. }

{translations[Page heading] Translations}

{translations-p[Paragraph in 'Translations' section] Translation is the one of the core features of CMintS and I'll really apreciate if you can help me to translate current documentation into the Languages you speak, so if you are up for it, please check the resource about translating documentation. }

{bug-reports[Page heading] Bug Reports}

{bug-reports-p[Paragraph in 'Bug Reports' section] For regular bug reports/question please file an issue in CMintS's Github repository. }

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