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Quick start
Quick start with CMintS starter. Deployment to the Github Page and Netlify.

{github-account Assuming you have a Github Account.}

{step(common)} 1: {step1[Step] Install NodeJS}

{step(common)} 2: {step2[Step] Fork one of the repositories below:}

{step(common)} 2.1: {step2-1[Step] Single Language Website | Multi-Language Website}

{step(common)} 3: {step3[Step] Clone it and navigate to that directory}

{step(common)} 4: {step4[Step] run commands below}

npm i
npm run dev

{step(common)} 5: {step5[Step] Navigate to}

{step5-p[paragraph in 'Navigate to localhost' step] Hurray you are running current website locally! Now let's make some changes. }

{step(common)} 6: {step6[Step] Update current website the way you want.}

{step6-p[paragraph in 'Update current website the way you want' step] You can learn more about CMintS here }

{deploy-github[Page heading] Publishing to Github Pages}

{step(common)} 1: {deploy-github-1[Step in Github Deployment] Run command below}

npm run deploy

{step(common)} 2: {deploy-github-2[Step in Github Deployment] You are done :) View deployment!}

{deploy-netlify[Step in Github Deployment] Publishing to Netlify}

{step(common)} 1: {deploy-netlify-1[Step in Netlify Deployment] Signup for Netlify}

{step(common)} 2: {deploy-netlify-2[Step in Netlify Deployment] New site from Git}

{step(common)} 3: {deploy-netlify-3[Step in Netlify Deployment] Connect to Github}

{step(common)} 4: {deploy-netlify-4[Step in Netlify Deployment] Select repository}

{step(common)} 5: {deploy-netlify-5[Step in Netlify Deployment] Deploy}

{step(common)} 6: {deploy-netlify-6[Step in Netlify Deployment] View website}

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