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Autonomous spider robot
C C++ Makefile
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Robotic Spider

Autonomous spider robot which can walk and turn on multiple surfaces


Bioloid kit

The kit is created by Robotic and the spider can be pieced together in 20 steps detailed on the manual. It contains 18 motors that each can be controlled using the Dynamixel SDK.

The SDK is written in C language with a very low level set of instruction available on their api reference


Here is the implementation (in api.c) of the low level API for the motors to wrap the Dynamixel SDK:

void moveMotor(int id, int position);
void moveMotorAndWait(int id, int position);
int getPosition(int id);
void setTorque(int id, int value);
int isMoving(int id);

Then on top of that spider.c contains the implementation of the key functions to make the spider moving and turn around. Here are the list of action supported:

  • Stop
  • Stand
  • Turn Right
  • Turn Left
  • Sit
  • Walk
  • Increase speed
  • Lower speed
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